We Think + Deliver

As a Team

At Vahanian & Associates of Saratoga Springs, NY, we believe that financial planning and investment management is not only about taking care of people’s money, but mostly about taking care of people.

We believe success comes from a balance of health, family and finances. Therefore, our goal is to help you make the most of what you have in order to achieve a balance that serves your present and future needs.

We understand conversations about certain subjects can be very personal, so we strive to be respectful throughout our discussions. Your comfort is vital. In fact, we believe that by focusing on getting to know you and what you value most, our mutual understanding can make a tremendous difference in our collaboration.

Part of our work together includes a process of defining your investment risk tolerance and combining that with what you value and hope to achieve. From there, we help you establish a plan designed to make it happen. Along the way, as our connection grows, there can be various ways in which we help you navigate your journey, particularly as it relates to your finances.

Ultimately, we move from helping you define your values and principles to setting specific goals. From there, we aim to support construction and implementation of your financial plan across various categories. We believe that your life – and so too your financial plan – is a dynamic experience. It is not static. As you live through and experience different events, we can review your progress and help evaluate whether your situation and goals have changed in a way that necessitates updates to your financial plan. Reviewing and refining our mutual expectations from time to time helps us maintain a more clear understanding of your needs and vision. This process also helps us consider when and how to implement changes.

We look forward to getting to know you, and establishing what we hope will be a productive long term relationship and positive experience from the start.