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Standards of Care

Vahanian & Associates Financial Planning - Business Principles

Business Principles +

Standards of Care

Our Clients’ Interests Come First

Our main mission is to serve our clients. We do this by seeking to maintain a high level of personal care and attentiveness with a steadfast commitment to doing the right thing. We consistently strive for excellence by focusing on our main job – serving our clients as best we can through attention to detail, big picture thinking and a perpetual drive to strengthen client relationships whenever possible.

We are in this Together

We believe financial planning is not just about taking care of your money. It is about taking care of you. We take a holistic view of what you value most among other personal objectives and goals, and we build on that foundation over time. Financial planning is a personal process and we strive to make you feel like you are part of our family and more than just a client. We understand that although this is your personal journey, we are in this together.

Commitment to Integrity + Honesty

We believe in an environment that emphasizes and affirms integrity and honesty. This approach is present in how we interact with our clients and how we treat each other. In many ways, we are like family and interact as such. It is important to us that our clients understand the emphasis we place on integrity and honesty because while they may seem like general themes in business, we prioritize these characteristics above all else. Integrity is not something we will compromise.

It’s About The Team

At the crux of our work is a commitment to our people. We think and deliver as a team. While we always encourage individual creativity, ideas and opinions, we have found that we are more efficient and productive when we are working together on your behalf. This means that multiple people share in responsibilities, client work and operational tasks. We all wear many hats, creating a great sense of personal investment in the work we do, as well as pride in our professional achievements.

We have found that by encouraging our employees to problem solve together, the collaborative effort and team mentality stimulates an even greater sense of purpose, success and motivation. We believe that when our team members feel that their opinions, ideas and efforts matter, the spirit of true partnership is affirmed, which results in better service for our clients.

The Best Advisor Listens

We strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible from the start. And we do this by listening to what you have to say. We keep an open ear to your values, needs, concerns, goals and objectives so that we can best support you throughout your life. In many ways, listening is the most important part of our job.

We are Dedicated to Perpetual Improvement

We believe we must keep challenging ourselves to get better at what we do for you. Whether it is through building a team of people, adopting new technologies for reporting and trading or educating ourselves through conferences, seminars and investment meetings, we are motivated to do better.

We Respect The Rules

We hold ourselves to the highest standard across the spectrum of what we do. This means that we aim to stay abreast of an everchanging regulatory environment while maintaining our focus that the spirit of quality care comes first. It is important to us that we keep pace with new regulations while also anticipating potential changes so that we can best prepare our office to adapt. It is always in the spirit of supporting our clients that we strive to improve our business and regulatory compliance culture. This means that regulation, fiduciary standards of care, confidentiality and communication are among our highest priorities.