Our Story

We understand hiring an advisory team is a significant and very personal decision. Get to know us a bit more by watching this video!

Hurricane Warning Or Clear Skies

Two extremely different scenarios that could play out in the months ahead.

What We're About

Promoting a positive and collaborative team culture is something we strongly believe in. Get a glimpse of our core principles and how our personal values may align with yours.

The 2nd Half of 2020 is Underway!

Important Investment Perspective For The Second Half of 2020.

Thinking Ahead

We believe your needs, values and personal beliefs are vital to how we plan for the future. It is our goal to continuously strive towards improvement and provide a high level of service to those who depend on us.

Bad Timing in June. Now What?

A look at the three day market downturn that started after a June 8th high and what to do next.

Our Approach

Learn about our approach to working with you and how we aim to develop a plan that is tailored to your unique situation.

We're Taking Requests!

We want to know what you would like us to talk about. Your suggestions are welcome! Find our contact information here.

Jeffrey's Birthday

Jeffrey celebrated his 60th birthday in January 2018 and the office surprised him with a “Happy Birthday” video montage with some of his old sportscasting footage.

Vahanian Viewpoints Archive

Here is a look at the understandable temptation of market timing along with a mind blowing example of how dangerous it can be.

Jeffrey looks at one technical tool used to indicate levels of investor panic and how that might serve our own decision making.

Jeffrey helps make sense of how markets are priced on the short-term plus how different the pricing formula is long-term.

Jeffrey discusses the current coronavirus pandemic, our thoughts regarding investment approach and maintaining our poise.

Jeffrey and Cameron talk about subtle differences between weather vs. climate as it relates to financial markets and global economies.

Jeffrey and Cameron discuss how understanding market history can provide perspective and context for investor behavior and volatility.

Cameron discusses the evolving sustainable investing industry – taking a close look at “ESG” factors and how such considerations seek to bring about positive change.

Jeffrey discusses potential effects of inflation as well as ways to consider protecting your investments from a decrease in purchasing power.

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